Globule Test

Commonly used for small parts or single pins

The test sequence is similar to the solder pot test. Oxide must be removed from the molten solder ball using flux. The test specimen is placed over the middle of the globule by motorized X- and Y-axes

The operator can also do a "multi pin" test. To do this, the amount of pins must be specified in the test settings. After starting the test, the operator positions the first and last pin over the globule. The system will then test each pin in sequence automatically, reducing test time and setup dramatically.

The globule must be replaced after each test.

Solder particles of different alloys from 1-4 mm are offered with the system.


Microtronic Globule Option Solder Test

The Globule module with pads for all globule diameters and the bucket for removed solder balls.s.